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Hope everyone had a fabulous grand final day and thanks to all the teams who came to play on the day. Thanks too to the fantastic Sutherland Titans committee for all their hard work in organising Grand Final Day. Here are some photos from grand final day...

Original Post:

Sutherland Titans Grand Final Day & Trophy Presentations Date: Saturday 3 August

Game & Presentation Times:


Junior 1 - Division U08B - 11am v Loftus

Junior 2 Division W08B - 11am v Como

Junior 3 Division U09H - 11am v Bosco

Junior 4 Division U10E - 11am v Miranda

** Presentations will start at 11.45am


Junior 5 - Division U11F - 12.15pm v Seagulls

Junior 6 Division 13B - 12.15pm v Georges River

** Presentations will start at 1.00pm


Intermediate - Division U14A - 1.30pm v Seagulls

Seniors 3 Division 16D - 1.30pm v Lilli Pilli

** Presentations will start at 2.30pm


Seniors 1 - Division U21C - 3.00pm v Lilli Pilli

** Presentations will start at 4.00pm

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