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Congratulations to Steve Burke on becoming a life member of Sutherland Titans FC. George, our Titans president, presented Steve with his life member badge on Grand Final Gala Day.

Steve joined the Titans in 2012 after answering a call out to SSFA clubs looking for volunteers to help at Titans. He has held a number of positions at Titans over the years, helping wherever he was needed most...

2012 - Buddy / 2013 – General Committee & Coach

2014 to 2017 - Uniform Officer & Coach  /  2018 – Assistant Registrar & Coach

2019 to 2022 – Registrar & Coach  /  2023 - Coach

Even though Steve stepped away from the committee last season, he has continued to lend a hand most weeks with setting up the fields & coaching/buddy in any team who was short - always finding a way to give back to the club.

BIG thank you Steve for everything you and your family have done for the Sutherland Titans and continue to do so. You are very much appreciated.


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