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The 2023 Titan of the Year has been awarded to Fletcher Howse.

"Fletcher has been playing for the club a couple of seasons now, but has really hit his straps this season. He arrives primed, enthused, and can be relied on to muster gathering troops for a warm up kick pre game.

On field, he is an explosive forward who relishes punching through defence, generally by the longest route possible. When attacking the box, he is often already whooping a post goal celebration with his latest buzz phrase, as the ball hits the net.  But Fletcher is far from a greedy player. He is conscious of his teammates and where they are, and will help set up his fellow players with scoring opportunities.  Fletcher is a good spirit within the Peles side, always loud in the pregame huddle, and encouraging on the field, generally and individually, and a gentleman off it."  (written by Mike, Peles coach)

Very well done Fletcher!

Photo is of Fletcher, with Justine, the 2022 winner of the Teal Cup


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