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Playing the Titans

Sutherland Titans FC is a soccer club within the Sutherland Shire Football Association which enables players with all abilities to participate in the world game. When playing against the Titans the focus is on participation and fun.

What happens when you play against the Titans?

  • The Titans team are a team just like your team, they love to play soccer, have fun and score goals!

  • Sometimes the Titans players might need a bit of help from other people on the field so you might see some assistants helping out our team.

  • The referee may make some extra calls that are new to you. They make the game fun for everyone!

What you can do to help our team:

  • Let the Titans players have a go with the ball if they get it.

  • Try kicking the ball a little softer, or running a bit slower with the ball.

  • This is a great time to practice your soccer skills, so maybe focus on your passing or using the opposite leg that you usually kick with.

  • Although we ask you not to play as hard as you can, we still want the Titans to have a good game, so still try and keep involved.

  • Listen to the adults on the field. They might ask you to let the Titans have a run with the ball or let them kick the ball.

  • Join in, score some goals and have a good time!

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