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First Season with Titans?

If this is the first time you or your child are joining our club we welcome you but there a few things you need to know.

Titans club is built on the notion of Football for All and we take every step possible to ensure this happens on the field during game time within the parameters of Football Australia.

We rely on volunteers and each side will have a team manager and a few buddies.

Buddies and the coach are the only people allowed on the pitch and are registered with Football Australia.

The role of the Buddy will be to support and assist Titans players during the game. As each player has differing abilities, it would be helpful to indicate to your team coach whether your child will need assistance from a buddy.

Although we do our best to ensure each player is looked after during each game we do ask to refrain from entering the playing pitch.

It usually takes time for kids joining Titans to acclimatise to the busy nature of game days and unfamiliar people and surroundings, patience is key.

We thank you for understanding and look forward to providing a positive experience for you and our players.

Welcome to Titans! 
If you have any concerns please feel free to contact any committee member or your team coach.

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